Create, Iterate, Validate

We equip modern marketers with the tools to know the impact of their creative.

Our products

Take launch day uncertainty out of your marketing plan.

Our pre-market creative testing tells you what works, why, and how to make it better - so you get optimal performance from the start.

Accurately predict how your target audience will respond to your ads.

Reduce your risk and avoid having to bet huge sums on instinct.

Take fast, decisive action with your creative.

Push your ads to perform better with Incubator.

Our pre-market testing with creative intelligence tackles the challenges of marketing today. It’s built on the most comprehensive creative data in the industry. It’s unparalleled in its depth.

Our work

We provide impactful measurement for global brands and digital publishers.


Work with us to validate and iterate on their creative strategy.

Through us, you can establish a repository of rich data that shows how best to connect with your audience. You'll discover an approach that's proven to be rigorous, and, through that, connect better with your audience.

Publishers & Platforms

Come to us to ensure their clients are producing ads that actually work.

Our robust testing fits neatly with your measurement programmes. With us, you achieve improved performance and better returns for your clients.

Companies who work with us see over 2x ROI improvement in their media spend.

Fox Corporation
The Economist
“Creative testing has become an essential tool for understanding and improving the effectiveness of our brand messaging.”
Emily Henderson
Head of Media, EMEA
“Creative pre-testing remains crucial for us. It’s proven time and again to be a strong predictor of in-market performance.”
Avinash Kaushik
Marketing Evangelist
Author of Web Analytics 2.0

Who we are

Human Made Machine are a team of data scientists and engineers who believe that marketing can become more efficient with science.

We approach creative testing with science and logic but always work with our clients and partners driven by empathy. You develop creative to connect with real people; at the core of what we do is collaborating with other humans.

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