Scientists and engineers with a progressive approach to creative testing.

We come from marketing, with a passion for harnessing the power of creative.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between creative and context so that marketing resonates in the real world.

We had seen campaigns failing too often.

Brands would spend millions of dollars only for these campaigns to fall short of engaging the intended audience.

We built Incubator to change that.

We knew creative could be made more effective with rigorous, scientific pre-testing that paid strict attention to context, delivering at the pace marketing needed.

We now help marketers achieve the resonance they need.

We've invested in this goal by building a platform for marketers that reduces risk and uncertainty.

Global reach. Human scale.




Languages spoken




Data points


Media environments


Creative formats

Working with us

When you test with our products, you'll discover that we don’t hide behind jargon; instead, we practice data science.

Our stance is to be farsighted, always looking at how we can improve our offering.

We do this with genuine empathy. We are humans. 

Meet the team

We are a broad group of people who are excited about how data science and technology can drive marketing performance. We come from fast moving agencies, brands, and publishers.


Simon Wongsuwarn
Simon Wongsuwarn
Head of EMEA
Kai Wang
Kai Wang
Client Director, NA
Charmaine Yuen
Charmaine Yuen
Client Director, APAC
Eliott Rockliff-Nally
Eliott Rockliff-Nally
Head of Product
Liam Keaton
Liam Keaton
Principal Engineer
Josh Fyne
Josh Fyne
Director of Engineering
Louise Hardy
Louise Hardy
Global Operations Manager

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